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To obtain your Sales Rep login for the ZavorbyMBlock website, simply send an e-mail to:

Please include:

  • Name of your sales rep organization
  • Name, e-mail address, and desired password for each sales rep that needs a login (Password should be a minimum of 5 characters long)
  • Name of the site you are requesting a login for (
  • Choose 1 option for each email confirmation type:
    Order Confirmation Emails
    1. Orders placed by sales rep (default)
    2. Orders placed by sales rep or customer
    3. None

    Shipment Confirmation Emails
    1. Orders placed by sales rep
    2. Orders placed by sales rep or customer
    3. None (default)

M. Block customer service will set up your login and e-mail you when it is ready to use. When it is ready, you can login in at the Sales Rep Portal Login page.

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Currently, the only way to change or update a Sales Rep password is to email us at

The Sales Rep Portal allows you to place orders for your customers and see the order status for orders you or your customer have placed.

After you have logged in, click the "View My Customers" button to see a listing of all of your customers on the web site. If a customer is active on the site, you will see their number of logins and orders placed, as well as the last order date and the total of their web orders.

To find a specific customer, you can search for their M. Block Account Number, or any of the fields listed at the top of the page. The "First Name" field is used to search for the customer's company name.

Once you've found the customer, click the "Login As Customer" link. This will take you to the main web site where you are logged in with that customer's account. When you are logged in as a customer, you will always see that customer's name in the header of the web site. You can always check here when placing an order to make sure you have chosen the right customer.

When logged in as a customer, you can view their order history to find status information on each of the orders placed for them. Click on "View My Order History/Status" to see each order, then click on "Order Details". Here you will see the M. Block Order ID, one or more sub-orders, and the status of each sub order (Pending, Processing, Canceled, or Shipped). An order is Pending until the MBlock Order ID is obtained, and then the status changes to Processing. If the sub-order is on back order, the box will be checked in the Back Ordered column. Click on the sub-order to see detailed line by line status information for the sub-order, including tracking information for shipped sub-orders.

To place an order for a customer, you have a number of options to begin:

  • Click the "Start Shopping" link at the top of the customer's Customer Account dashboard page or the Hip by M. Block logo to go to the home page.
  • Search for products in the search box in the upper right hand corner of every page.
  • Select one of the main categories to view products by category.

Once you've located the product to buy, choose a quantity and click "Add to Cart". Continue shopping until you have all required items in your cart, then from the View Cart page click "Checkout". On the "Shipping & Payment Address & Billing Info" page, pay close attention to the Shipping Information section - this is where you will change the shipping address for the order. If a customer has multiple store locations you need to pick the correct one for this order. After picking the shipping address, you can change the shipping method if desired and fill in any of the fields below for PO Number, Requested Ship Date, etc. When done filling in all the fields, click "Purchase" to place the order.

When you place an order for your customer, you will receive an e-mail order confirmation. If we have a valid e-mail address for your customer, they will receive a copy of the order confirmation as well.

When you are done working with a specific customer, click the Logout button at the top of the screen.

To choose a new customer, click the Sales Rep Portal link at the bottom of the page, and then click "View My Customers".

When you are done using the Sales Rep Portal, click Logout.

Prices are shown after a login. Both Sales Reps and Customers can see pricing.

Click here to download our helpful Sales Rep How To Guide

If you have additional questions, please contact customer service at (800) 621-8845 or email